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    Friday, 10 November 2017

    Blocking comments in a LinkedIn post

    LinkedIn, preventing alternative users from commenting on your posts may be useful. Reading what individuals ought to say concerning your publications helps to push the dialogue, however in some things you will like better to keep that possibility off - particularly since the social network is employed for skilled relationships. See in small stages a way to block comments on specific posts.

    The procedure was drained 2 ways: on the laptop, mistreatment Google Chrome, and within the mobile app, mistreatment the Moto G5 with automaton seven.0 Nougat
    LinkedIn proclaimed changes to its comments feature, which can enable users to possess additional control over the comments denote on their content.

    To start, users currently have the choice to disable comments on any of their long-form articles. . If comments exist already, they'll be for good deleted. Users will favor to enable or disable comments at any time.While this selection is presently solely accessible on long-form articles, LinkedIn same it'll shortly be accessible on all posts on the skilled network.

    Elsewhere, users will currently report individual comments on any article or post on the platform. Specifically, users will click the 3 dots next to any comment and click on “Report” to report the comment. This causes a pop-up window to look, wherever users will make a case for why they report able the comment

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