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    Friday, 27 October 2017

    The biggest British war ship still operates on Windows XP!

    The largest aircraft carrier ever built by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, HMS Queen Elizabeth, may be crashing into the sea with the old software: Windows XP.

    At least that is the claim of the Guardian and the Times of the UK. During a tour of the massive ship, reporters claim to have seen computer screens on the ship that is running Windows XP, an operating system first released in 2001. This claim is the creation of alarm bells for many given the recent attack of hacking in the UK National Health Service, which was largely given the traction due to the use of outdated operating systems in the hospital system.

    The apparent revelation is all the more surprising considering the huge $ 4.5 billion cost of the ship. The ship's construction began in 2009, but the ship only made its first public test trip on Monday.

    And while fears that the UK's most powerful aircraft carrier are vulnerable to attacks may be grabbing some who are still suffering from hacking attacks earlier this year, Royal Navy officials do not seem to be worried.

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    "The ship is well designed and there has been a very strict shopping train that has ensured that we are less cyber susceptible than most," said Mark Heller, Queen Elizabeth's commander, to the Guardian.

    "When you buy a ship, you do not buy it today, you bought it 20 years ago.. The reality is that we are always designed with spare parts. Ability, then we will always have the ability to modify and update. So what you see in the photos, I think you'll probably find that we'll be updating whatever we want to have in due course. Maybe it's already happened, but I can "Tell him".

    Commanding Officer Captain Jerry Kyd onboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier at Rosyth Dockyard on June 21, 2017.

    The good news is that all fears over HMS Queen Elizabeth and WannaCry were put to rest thanks to a patch released by Microsoft in May. However, if the huge ship hit the seas with Windows XP, it's hard not to imagine that some new threat targeting the outdated operating system might emerge.

    The Royal Navy plans to bring HMS Queen Elizabeth into full operation by the end of this year.

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