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    Wednesday, 12 September 2012

    Disable USB Ports on Computer without any Software

    Most of the time we use our computer's hard-disk for storing our valuable and personal data. And there is a great threat of stealing those data by easy use of USB ports. Also there is there is a chance of being affected by malwares and viruses. We can easily solve those problem if  we disable USB ports. Now I will show you how to disable USB ports easily without using any software

    From the desktop write click the mouse pointer on My Computer .

    Now click on Manage > then click Device Manager.

    Then click Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

    Then right click the USB Root Hub and  select Disable (second one from the last)

    Now any pen drives/modem/portable hard-disk will not be shown on your pc.

    You can enable USB Ports anytime by following the same steps. 

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